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dorontash is an Iranian handicraft brand that produces handmade products. It started its activity in Dezful city in Khuzestan province of Iran in 1368.

Dorontash is a producer of iran handicrafts products in Iran. Production and sale arts and crafts of iran, traditional handicrafts of iran.

In the beginning, this group was engaged in the preparation and distribution of woven rattan. Then, according to the needs and requests of the market, the production of all kinds of bags with traditional fabrics such as carpet bags, etc., the production of hand-woven carpets, as well as all kinds of pendants and decorations were placed on it.
work plan. Now this handicraft producer has completed all the stages of production in his workshops and delivers it to his audience.
dorontash has a history of exporting products to different countries such as Germany, Malaysia, America, Oman and Brazil.
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