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kilim Bag


Buying a kilim bag is the best choice for an authentic Iranian style. Because one of the most beautiful and popular handicrafts in Iran is the kelim bag, which is woven in almost every city of Iran. kilim is a hand-woven fabric that has a texture similar to kilim, so kilim products have a traditional and authentic color and smell. These products have different types, such as blanket shower bags, waist bags, backpacks, and blanket makeup bags, which can easily meet any need and style of clothing. kilim handbag are one of the types of iran bag that are produced in different colors and models, and iran kilim are one of Iran’s famous handicrafts.

video of dorontash kilim bag

What is a kilim bag?

As the name suggests, the kilim bag is of high quality, the body of which is produced using hand-woven kilim. A rug is a type of woven handicraft with a smooth and lint-free surface, which is made of warp and weft and does not have a long pile kilim. The rug, which is also called palas, for its texture, the thinner and softer the thread, the better quality rug we will have. For this reason, wool under the throat and underarms of sheep is used to weave the rug to improve the final quality of the work. Now, by taking advantage of creativity, we have been able to improve the use of kilim and use it as a fabric for the production of iranian bag.

Traditional kilim bags

dorontash store is one of the successful stores in the field of handicrafts and traditional kilim bags, which has been able to impress art and fashion lovers by offering different models of traditional kilim handbags, including traditional bag of kilim. One of the interesting points of this store’s kilim handbags is that the design of no two bags is exactly the same; Because the production of these products is done with hand-woven rugs and they are specially woven.

Handmade kilim bag

In dorontash workshop, handmade kilim bags are produced in different shapes. It is also an ideal and suitable choice for various events, festivals and celebrations, and with its special and beautiful design and colors, it is easily matched with any type and style. The variety of bag sizes in this store can be adjusted in large and small sizes and can be shortened or lengthened easily. If you are thinking of buying different gifts and souvenirs for your friends and loved ones, buying a rug bag is one of the best options. On the dorontash website, you can see the images of kilim purse from different angles and in detail and make your purchase with ease.

What is meant by a kilim bag?

In the design and implementation of kilim bags, hand-woven kilim is used. In fact, kilim is used as a work fabric.

Is the design of the kilim bags exclusive?

Yes, the designs of the rugs used in sewing the bags are completely exclusive.

How is the design of kilim bags done?

The bags are designed in such a way that no two models are exactly the same. Rather, they have similarities in the kilims used in them

What is the variety of dorontash kilim bags?

dorontash kilim bags include: all kinds of shower bags, all kinds of backpacks, waist bags and all kinds of makeup bags.