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Wholesale sale of handicrafts

Wholesale sale of handicrafts

Iranian handicrafts are an important part of the traditional markets of different cities of our country. For this reason, the wholesale sale of handicrafts can be a reference for sellers all over the country. The handicrafts of any country can be considered a reflection of the culture and civilization of the people of that country. Handicrafts are one of the first means of human communication in different societies, and because of this, they provide important information about the history of different countries in the world.

Iranian handicrafts have a large share in the export of our country’s goods. Iranian carpet is one of the most famous handicrafts in the world and has a high price. Considering the employment of villagers, Bedouins and residents of small towns in this industry, it can be concluded that the economic infrastructure of the society has been improved with proper investment in Iran’s handicrafts.

If you intend to buy handicrafts wholesale and individually, you can be in any city and place in Iran or outside Iran by contacting the main part of dorontash handicrafts collection, you can confidently and easily order your handicrafts from the production door. Production, warehouse, packaging, individual and wholesale sales are all working extensively in dorontash collection to quickly produce and send your orders to their destination. Here is the main sale of handicrafts.

The contact number of the wholesale sale of handicrafts

Duravantash handicrafts phone09363823116

dorontash handicrafts wholesale store

dorontash handicraft wholesale store started its activity in Dezful city in Khuzestan province in 1368. At first, this collection was engaged in the preparation and distribution of rattan weaves. Then, according to the needs and requests of the market, the production of all kinds of bags with hand-woven rugs and traditional fabrics, the production of hand-woven rugs, as well as various pendants and decorations, were put on the agenda. Now, this handicraft manufacturer has completed the entire process of producing products in its workshops and delivers them to its audience. With more than 30 years of experience in the production and supply of handicraft products, dorontash has been able to find its audience all over the country due to the high quality in production, the elegance in sewing bags, and the high quality of the texture of wicker products. As far as their popular handicrafts are made only from dorontash brand.

Tehran’s main handicrafts market

Due to the existence of the wholesale market in Tehran, the merchants of the cities refer to the wholesale market of Tehran to supply their store products. Crafts are no exception to this rule. Also, handicraft stores refer to Tehran’s handicrafts wholesale market to buy their products. dorontash itself is one of the suppliers of handicrafts to wholesalers in Tehran. So you can directly communicate with dorontash manufacturer without intermediary of wholesalers.

Wholesale sale of handicrafts

Direct wholesale purchase from handicrafts

If you are planning to open a store and you are looking for a wholesale purchase of handicrafts. You can get your products directly from the manufacturer.

What is the advantage of direct wholesale purchase from handicraft production? By buying in bulk from a manufacturer, you buy products without intermediaries and at a reasonable price. In addition, since you are directly connected with the production, you will be faced with a wide variety of products. So, you can start by purchasing a wide variety of products to test your market sales for future purchases.

How do I purchase bulk products?

dorontash Handicrafts has considered a series of basic conditions for the majority of the collection, which requires a conversation between the manager and

The applicant is a bulk buyer. So, for communication and complete information regarding bulk sales, call the number below.

Bulk purchase of handicrafts

The contact number of the wholesale sale of handicrafts

Duravantash handicrafts phone09363823116

Main sales products:

Bulk purchase of organizational gifts

Wholesale purchase of handmade carpets

Wholesale purchase of traditional wall sconces

Wholesale purchase of wicker products

Wholesale purchase of traditional bags

dorontash handicraft production video

For cooperation, buyers have the right to get to know the supplier more fully. So, to learn more about dorontash collection, we suggest you watch the documentary video below.

Bulk purchase of handicraftsWholesale purchase of traditional bags

As mentioned above, this collection started its activity in 1368. At the very beginning, shopkeepers all over the country welcomed the dorontash brand by buying large quantities of handicrafts, and in this regard, many audiences became fascinated by dorontash handicraft products. Then, due to the emergence of an online sales platform in Iran; We felt it necessary to launch an online sales website so that the audience can access the products in this space as well. However, the bulk purchase section of dorontash handicrafts is the main way to deliver products to the audience. Therefore, the manufacturer of dorontash handicrafts is ready to cooperate with its qualified shopkeepers and sellers.

Wholesale handicrafts

Bulk purchase of handicrafts

Iran is the cradle of art and culture, and various handicrafts are produced in this country, each of which has a unique beauty. In different regions of the country, there are handicraft production workshops that supply and export Iranian handicrafts to different parts of the country and around the world. In the wholesale of dorontash handicrafts, some of the handicrafts that can be sold in bulk are: