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Handmade Ihrami


Handmade ihram:

Ihrami is a kilim-like hand-woven fabric that is used as a mat. Ihrami weaving is one of the native disciplines of Khuzestan province. It is made of wool and cotton and is usually woven with a combination of two colors.

Dorontash handicrafts has built one of the oldest ihram weaving workshops in 1989 in Khuzestan – Dezful and Shousha and has its own weavers, most of whom have passed on their art to their children to benefit from this valuable art and to Lovers of Iranian art and original goods to create love and beauty. The quality of the ihram textures is excellent, and if you are looking to buy first-class handmade ihrams, this website is exactly your destination.

Ihrami are usually woven in dimensions of 80 * 130, 100 * 150, 65 * 112 and 80 * 120. And it can be used as a rug, pad, rug, kitchen rug and tablecloth. This product is very suitable for corporate gifts and valuable Iranian souvenirs.