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persian handmade bum Bags


Buy a persian handmade bum Bags

By buying a persian handmade bum Bags, you will complete your wardrobe. As you know, one of the most important and practical tools among people are bags, which are selected according to their shape and application. These days, humans are looking for smart solutions for their own comfort.

Definitely a bum bag can be a smart choice for easy carrying of essential items. Because the bum bag is a bag that is small in size and is fastened to the bum with a belt like a belt, and the hands are completely free when used, as a result, due to the fact that the bag is attached to the bum , the safety of the equipment is maintained. Leaving and stealing the bag is prevented.

Of course, today, in addition to their practical use, bum bags are much more popular in the market, and even young people and people who follow fashion use bum bags in their special and attractive styles.

Buy a traditional persian handmade bum Bags

Dorontash handicrafts have completed their bag collection by designing a traditional bum bag to suit all its audiences. This product is suitable for women who are always busy outdoors and at work, and it is also very suitable for men who have to carry some essential devices such as mobile phones, keychains, work tools, etc. It is also the best product for male and female athletes when exercising and running. bum bags are the best choice for carrying essential and valuable items such as tools, documents and money.

In this store, all kinds of traditional Jajim bum bags, kilims in different colors are designed for lovers of special and attractive styles.

In addition to buying a persian handmade bum bag, you can use other bags such as traditional accessory bags, traditional travel bags or any other traditional Dorontash bag. They can also be a special gift to those you love.