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Handmade kilim


iran handmade kilims:

To buy Iranian handmade kilims, Dorontash store puts everything you like in front of you. We should know that Iranian handicrafts have been famous in the world since ancient times, and this rich and precious art has been preserved until the current generation. The most valuable of them are handmade carpets and kilims.

One of the classic and completely traditional types is the traditional rural handmade kilim, which is made of dyed wool. Warm colors and patterns inspired by simplicity create a pleasant feeling. The hand-woven kilim is made of warp and weft; Its yarn is often made of cotton or wool and its weft is made of wool. Each area has its own design because the designs on the kilims are inspired by the nature around them

In Dorontash handicraft store, you can easily buy Iranian handmade kilims. Because handmade kilims are woven with a high variety in terms of color and design and are presented on the website for dear audiences. Although handmade kilim is a traditional product, it can be used in places with modern decoration design. The use of traditional and classic elements is very common in modern decoration design. Kilims can be used as pads, hallway rugs and kitchen rugs.