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Hand-woven kilim:

Handmade kilim is one of the most popular and widely used handicrafts in Iranian home decoration. Even if you prefer modern decoration for your home, it is impossible not to use Iranian handicrafts to decorate your home. Traditional hand-woven kilims are a very good alternative for all types of carpets and rugs in homes. This product has different types and due to its great variety of designs and colors, it can be easily set with other home appliances.

If you are looking to make a stylish and original difference in your home, it’s time to buy handmade kilims with amazing designs and give your home a traditional and eye-catching feel.

Types of hand-woven kilims:

Iranian hand-woven kilims are divided into three categories according to the type of texture: plain and flat kilims, so that both sides are the same and both sides of this product can be used, varnish or one-sided kilims, which have a small thickness and in it Geometric patterns, animals and simple are used, the last type is embossed or fluffy kilim, which is very similar to hand-woven carpets. It is good to know that the thinner and finer the yarn woven in the kilim, the higher the quality.

One of the best handicraft stores is Dorontash store, which with its unique variety of traditional and woolen hand-woven kilims, hand-woven rugs and ihramis in cheerful and natural designs, dimensions and colors, always provides the best options for art lovers.

If you are planning to buy a kilim, by choosing Dorontash store, you can rest easy thinking about comfortable quality; Because all the kilims in this store are made of the highest quality consumables. Dorontash handmade kilim is made of dyed wool. Traditional kilims and varnish or carpet kilims are all woven by hardworking nomadic girls and women, and you will support their unique art by buying products in this store.

In different dimensions and models, they are in the categories of handmade kilims, varnish kilims and handmade ihrami