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Wicker Tablecloth


wicker tablecloth:

To buy a wicker tablecloth, pay attention to the following points. Wicker tablecloth is a product that has been woven by rural women in the southern region for a long time and they earn money from it.

The wicker tablecloth is woven more into circular and oval skeletons from the leaves of the palm tree or daz, and depending on the type of use, the higher the density of the fabric, the stronger the tablecloth and the lower the density, the looser and more flexible it will be. When weaving the tablecloths, a mat of painted leaves is also used to decorate the work, which doubles its beauty.

One of the most diverse handicrafts of Dorontash are wicker tablecloths, which are made from zero to one hundred production processes, including material collection, leaf coloring, executed designs, and tablecloth weaving by the collection itself. Here are wicker tablecloths in different sizes, colors and designs.

Previously, wicker tablecloths were used only for the same purpose of using the tablecloth. But now the use of these tablecloths is beyond the tablecloth.

Wicker tablecloths are washable and better than in the shade after exposure to the wind to dry quickly. Wicker tablecloth can be a valuable gift and souvenir to your loved ones.