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Buy a wicker basket

Wicker baskets are very usable both in terms of design and application, and are the best option for storing accessories, dry food, and even for arranging children’s toys and keeping seasonal clothes clean. These days, wicker baskets are the most updated trend. And has special fans not only in Iran but also in the world.

You can also use a wicker basket as a vase cover or use it to store paper and daily necessities. In Dorontash handicraft store, you will buy the highest quality wicker baskets, because all wicker baskets, when entering the warehouse, have special quality in terms of texture, no defects and problems, and special attention is paid to its shape output, and in case of any problems, Are laid. These steps are repeated when loading and sending to customers.

Wicker basket is also a good option for a valuable gift. These days, people prefer to use organic and natural products to chemical and glamorous products because at the same time, there is a unique beauty in mat work.