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Traditional Keychain


 keychain pendant:

By purchasing a keychain pendant, arrange the keys on the family members to prevent them from getting lost. Keychain product that is necessary for every home.

In Dorontash handicraft shop, keychain pendants, in addition to the main use of hanging keychains, also act as a traditional wall hanger and add to the beauty of the environment. In this store, you will find a large variety of traditional keychain pendants. So for the design of the desired room and place, by searching in the keychain section, you will find the product you want.

Most keychains are made of natural materials such as wood, wool, wood beads, stone and yarn, and because of the naturalness of this product, it conveys a good mood. At Dorontash workshops, we strive to produce products that are made of natural materials and use the energy expended by nature.

Dorontash decorative products such as handmade kilims, wicker products as well as traditional wall hangings are complementary and by putting them together in a neatly harmonious environment, the arrangement is formed and a special harmony is seen in the decoration design. The paintings done on the keychain pendants are completely the work of the artists of the collection, who apply their taste and art on these products. Keychain pendant can also be a special gift for your friends and loved ones.