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Traditional Hangings


traditional wall decoration:

If you are looking to buy a traditional wall decoration, it is better to take a look at the attractive world of decoration. In the world of decoration, the goal is to create a safe, beautiful and relaxing environment so that people feel good and positive by being in that environment.Designers pay a lot of attention to walls for interior decoration. Because the wall is one of the important parts of any place and using different elements, they execute the desired style on the wall.

In Dorontash store, there are various types of traditional wall decoration that, when mounted on the wall, completely convey the feeling of being traditional. And even traditional wall hangings can be used in places with modern decoration. In designing the pendants, natural materials such as wool, wood, wood beads, thread and stone have been used. The design of traditional Dorontash pendants is done by the designers of the collection and they are completely different from the samples on the market. The most obvious feature of Dorontash products is the quality of their construction, which can be clearly seen in all products. So safely buy the product you want.

Traditional wall hangings can be used to decorate a child’s room, living room, lobbies, kitchen wall, hallways. They can even be a lasting and beautiful gift to those you love.