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wicker wall dish


wicker wall dish:

Before buying the wicker wall dish you want from Dorontash store, it is better to know why using wicker utensils is in our and nature’s interest?

In ancient times, people used handicrafts for everyday life. The material of most of the tools was taken from the heart of nature, and in fact, they used the energy expended by nature and divine blessings in a good way. In this way, waste and unused equipment were naturally avoided. One of those devices; Handmade products are mats that were woven and used using plant leaves in the area.

Wicker wall decoration:
Round mats or bowls with round spiral-shaped dishes are called date mats, which have been widely used in the past. The bowls are used as trays, fruit bowls, bread baskets, vegetable baskets, etc. You will use it and it can also be used as a decoration and wall dish.

Wicker wall dish:
Wall beaters; There are plates, rafters and utensils that are hung on the wall as a decoration to make the surroundings more beautiful and pleasant.

Tweezers and wall hangings are woven by women artists with high elegance and style. The design of the floors is often inspired by the surrounding nature, such as the shape of a rhombus that symbolizes the brick and brick walls of houses, colored yarn; A symbol of the colors of nature and the head of life, the tree and the flower are a sign of beauty and freshness. In the past, plates were also used for the blood of bridal accessories.

Dorontash handicraft store has been able to meet the tastes and needs of most of its audience by offering a variety of wicker products. There are different types of headboards and wall sconces in different sizes, designs, shapes and colors. Today, the use of tweezers and wall sconces in interior decoration is very much the trend of the day. Due to the natural and organic and handmade product, they create a unique feeling in the surrounding space. And of course it is a great souvenir and gift to your loved ones.