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wicker kapoo


wicker kapoo:

Buying kapoo will undoubtedly be a useful purchase, because kapoo material is natural, their texture is done by hand and in a natural environment without burning and wasting fossil fuels. As well as due to the high durability of kapoo; They can be used for years. They are also completely environmentally friendly.

If you care about the beauty of your equipment and at the same time care about preserving the environment, buying a kapoo would be an ideal choice.

kapoo weaving:

kapoo is a mat made of handicrafts in Khuzestan and southern Iran. kapoo in Dezful is called a spherical object; In the definition, it is said that products woven from mats that are woven from palm leaves in the form of spherical dishes (Dezful: kapoo city)

kapoo weaving has spread since the date cultivation in Khuzestan around Dezful and ancient Susa during the Elamite period.

In fact, this work was common in the Achaemenid period that archaeologists have noticed this phenomenon by seeing the role of the nine-feathered plant on the walls of the stairs and around the sphinx.

Initially, kapoo were woven in a round shape, but now they are very diverse and are not limited to round or spherical shapes, but oval or in the form of plates, bowls, vases, chocolates, large and small cylinders, Jewelry boxes,  spoons, cups, and dozens of other types are woven.