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Traditional Mirrors


 traditional mirror

When you think of buying a traditional mirror, you must have changes in the interior layout of the rooms or living room. As you know, the mirror is one of the most important and influential items in the world of traditional and modern dorontash. Even in the past, the art of mirror work was used to beautify important places. A thousand-year-old mirror artist who cuts mirrors into small pieces and places them geometrically on walls, ceilings, floors and even windows. This beautiful art is still modern and even unchanged. Runs in different places.

dorontash handicraft store, by producing mirrors in different colors, sizes and models, has left its audiences free to choose the appropriate mirror according to the decoration of the desired location. dorontash traditional mirrors can be used in decoration design with traditional and modern style.

As mentioned above, the mirror is one of the most important items in the decoration. You can give a sense of traditional and of course classic style to your surroundings by placing mirrors and traditional decorative pendants in your room.