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Varni Handmade killim


Varni handmade kilim

To buy Varni handmade kilim , you should pay attention to several features, which we will discuss in the following. varni kilim is a type of handmade kilim that is woven by people without using a pattern, and it is also called needle kilim. Varnish is a type of kilim that is woven on one side and is very similar to carpet because it has no lint.

In Dorontash store, different types of varnish kilims can be seen in different designs and colors. This type of kilim can be used as bedroom and living room carpets, kitchen carpets, children’s room carpets and corridor carpets. The dimensions of most varnish kilims are 80 * 120 and 150 * 100, which are also available on Dorontash website. The glim varnish design consists of fringe, text and bergamot sections.

Verni weavers use patterns such as deer, deer, wolf, herding dog, turkey, chicken and rooster, jackal, overburden, local birds, etc. in a very beautiful and geometric way. To wash the varnish kilim, it is better to do it by hand and also use a carpet shampoo diluted with water to remove stains. Although the colors of the wool are constant due to the natural colors used, but it is better to wash. Do it gently.

In this store, you can easily design the interior decoration of your home, because all the decorative products in this store are complementary, and by putting them together, a beautiful traditional style or a combination of traditional and modern can be easily applied. We are decoration designers. Interior We are proud to try to preserve the beautiful and original Iranian style. Glim Varni is a luxurious product in the Dorontash handicraft collection that can be a valuable gift and souvenir for your friends and loved ones.