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persian handmade backpack


persian handmade backpacks

If you are looking to buy a persian handmade backpacks or traditional backpack in Dorontash handicraft store, read this article to the end. A backpack is a versatile and useful device among each person’s personal belongings. Because a backpack is the best option for carrying a large number of heavy items that are difficult and tedious to hold with one hand. Depending on the type of style and the place you go there, we choose the desired backpack.

For example, a mountaineer needs a light but spacious and strong backpack that can hold all the necessary equipment and is comfortable and light and does not put pressure on the shoulders. Either to go to a training class in school, you need a backpack with medium dimensions and beautiful design, or in school and university, a backpack that in addition to storing books and stationery has different pockets to carry essential accessories such as mobile phones, Keys and …

High variety in buying persian handmade backpacks and traditional backpacks:

In Dorontash handicraft store, all kinds of backpacks in different sizes and models meet the needs of every customer. Is. This product can be easily set with any style with its cheerful and original colors, and you can even use it along with traditional waist bags, Jajimi douche bags and traditional cosmetic bags.

The store’s persian handmade backpacks include traditional travel backpacks, school, university backpacks, traditional fancy backpacks and kilim backpacks.

So if you are looking for a traditional and original gift or souvenir and high quality and reasonable price are important to you, do not miss to buy a traditional backpack from this store.